Amy’s Song

I first met Amy (Ames Music) in a studio in Silverlake, Los Angeles. We had a writing session scheduled and we needed a topic to write about. So, as songwriters do we started discussing the goings-on in our lives to try and find some inspiration. Amy told us about how she was dating a woman… Read more »

‘It’s You’ (solo)

Excited to share this live in-studio video of my song ‘It’s You’ (warning: contains salty language.) The band and I will definitely be playing this one on tour this Fall and it will for sure be on the next album ✌️


US/Canada Tour 2018 Excited to announce that I’ll be also touring around the US/Canada this November! Tickets are on sale, you can find them here.

‘We Can Do Better’

New single is out now. Also a great video comes with the release, it’s directed by Beatrice Pegard and performed by an amazing group of kids. “In our world of environmental and political chaos, it’s a comforting thought to know that the children are our future and let’s be honest, we need them to deliver more… Read more »