‘On the wall of fame’

Tour diary 3

‘On the wall of fame’

New York! We’re back in the city I lived for over 10 years. Crazy to be returning on a tour bus and playing the Barclays Center.
My tour manager decided that I had to be on the wall of fame in the Barclays center right next to one of my all time favorite artists.
The next morning we arrived in Virginia at our guitarist Chris Ayer’s childhood home. It’s so nice to finaly be in a house after spending so many days in a tour bus. We spent the day doing lots of promo, tried to relax for a bit and later played the Eaglebank Arena. Nice show, nice crowd. What more could we ask for?!
The next day we did some goofing around in the dressing room of the DPAC in Durham, North Carolina. Fun times were had!

Next stop: Nashville, yee-haw!


Matt Simons photo