Shooting Bricks

Tour diary 5

Shooting Bricks

In Denver, the day started off with a few BRICKS as we decided play basketball in the arena. Even though we didn’t make a lot of shots, it was a great way to get pumped up before a great show.
Afterwards, we made our way to a hotel in Denver to spend the night. The next day, I got up real early to be on a local TV show. It was exciting to have the opportunity to talk about the tour and my most recent album: “Identity Crisis.”
With the rest of the day free, we took the opportunity to relax. We hopped back on the bus in the evening and embarked on an overnight drive to our next destination—Las Vegas.
Once we arrived in Las Vegas, we wasted no time and went straight to lunch and did a bit of sightseeing on the strip. Soon enough, it was time for soundcheck and to get ready for the performance, and just a bit of post show gambling (everyone lost money except for our sound engineer Ricky).

These past few days have been nothing short of amazing!
Next stop: My current & previous hometowns


Matt Simons photo