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It’s You

Matt Simons 2019 / From 'After The Landslide'

I’d say darling don’t cry
You’d say baby don’t leave
I should probably lie
Say it’s not you it’s me
But I know where you been
And I know what you did

I could say I love you but I won’t
Say that I forgive you but I don’t
I should tell you what’s true

You know it takes two to fall in love
It only took you to fuck it up
Yeah that’s just what you do
And now that we’re through
I can say it’s not me, it’s you

I’ve been trying to find
Any love that we had
I’ve been racking my mind
I’ve been feeling so bad
Well I’m leaving tonight


Don’t give me your excuses just save your breath
You made your choice to do this to me instead
Oh and someone’s gotta lose
Well it’s not me
It’s you, oh