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Light In You

Matt Simons, Andrew Allen - 2016 / From 'Catch & Release'


Somehow I’m worth your while

I get to hold you first thing in the morning

Then when I see you smile

Brighter than the new day the is dawning

It really me makes me wonder

If this is real life

Not a dream or spell I’m under

With the way, the way that you make me feel like


In a crowded room I’m the only one

That it’s just us two and the setting sun

There’s a light in you and everything you do

Once again it seems you found a way

To make me love you even more, then I loved you yesterday


I figured I’d you tell you why

I stay up some nights to hear you breathing

With every day that goes by

You’re the one and only I believe in


If you’ll agree to have me

Each day of your life

I’ll try to make you happy

Like the way, way that you make me feel like